At the moment you can only use want on Android phones. You can can download the app from the Samsung Galaxy Store if you have a Samsung phone. All other Android users should download the app directly from ourselves. Simply click on the Direct Download button on our website.

Want allows users to generate cash amounts in return for using your unused sms' included free in your bundle.

Want is absolutely free to download and use. It will not cost you one iota! Just leave want to run, keep a tab on how much cash you’re accruing on a daily basis, then cash-in at any UK Post Office. It’s literally... money for nothing straight to your fone!

Yes. Want will only work when your mobile phone is on. So if you want to earn your want, keep your mobile on at all times!

Not at all. Once downloaded, want operates in the background by automatically sending sms’ directly to our servers. Each sms received by ourselves generates a micro payment. We share a percentage of these payments with you, the end user!

Absolutely not. Never, ever. Each sms sent by want from your phone will be directed solely to our servers. At no time will any any of your texts be sent to other mobile phone users.

On the ‘dashboard’ of want you will see a slider that you control. You can set a maximum of around 2400 per month. This figure will generate around £10 per month into your account. We will also deposit a further £5 for every friend you recommend want too that qualifies (Your friend will need to send at least 1500 SMS)! Want won’t make you a millionaire, but its genuinely extra free cash! As our strap line says... money for nothing, straight to your fone!

You can cash in from as little as a £5 balance. All you do is take your phone to any UK Post Office, show the nice Post Office employee behind the counter your app and they will hand over the amount that you are cashing in. In hard cash too! You need to ensure that you cash-in before your want balance goes above £50 – we’ll send a push notification to your handset to remind you. Once you’ve cashed-in, your balance will revert to zero, then the process will start again!

No. The want app is designed to recognise when your phone is abroad and will automatically stop sending sms'. This is due to the risk of international operators not allowing free sms' in your bundle.

On your want app dashboard you’ll se an option to ‘recommend a friend’. Simply select this option and follow the onscreen instructions. Once your friend has successfully used want for a period of 30 days, we will deposit an extra £5 into your account the following month.

No, not at all. Want will send sms’ in the background and will not effect your normal usage at all.

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